Unlocking Real Estate Value.

Unlocking Real Estate value is a newsletter providing exclusive advice, strategies, and resources helping investors, asset managers and landowners to unlock hidden value from real estate.

In this newsletter I will write about value enhancement in development projects. I will cover topics that will provide advice and help understand how development can and should provide value to people and planet, whilst achieving attractive financial returns.

I'm passionate about creating extraordinary places where people thrive everyday, whilst achieving attractive returns for investors. To accomplish this I focus on delivering key outcomes, work collaboratively with world-class cross functional teams and quickly adapt to changing dynamics. I have extensive experience in the planning, design and development delivery of iconic, large scale commercial and mixed-use projects internationally. In my personal and professional career to date I have been fortunate to achieve and learn the following:

  • I have contributed to the planning, design and delivery of c. 10M SQ. FT. (£10B value) of international real estate development projects.

  • I have successfully unlocked over £0.5B of real estate project value.

  • I can build, align and lead world-class cross-functional project teams through the whole real estate development cycle.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or email if you want to sound board an idea, talk about the latest real estate trends, AI or golf.

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I help real estate investors accomplish high-performing development projects | Founder at Benigni | Past: Brookfield, Lendlease, Yoo Capital | Visiting Juror: UCL, Politecnico Milano.